As the year heads to a close I have been busy sending thank-you notes (well, emails). This list is in no particular order and, inevitably, incomplete; if you feel like I have missed you, I am sorry.

  • My testers, too numerous to name but incredibly important; any remaining bugs and typos are entirely my fault.
  • Tory Hoke, Devi Acharya, Kerstin Hall, and the rest of the sub-Q team: You’ve made a dramatic change to how I look at writing IF. This has been an incredible year, and sub-Q is responsible for a lot of that.
  • Carolyn van Eseltine, Aaron Reed, Neil Butters, and Jason McIntosh: That is, the people whose competitions I entered this year. People consistently underestimate how much work organising those events is, and the least I can do is thank the people who inexplicably continue to do it, expecting no reward whatsoever.
  • The good people at &if, including furkle, Brendan Patrick Hennessy, Chandler Groover, Emily Short and others, who’ve made the last couple of months a terrifying delight. There’s a million things we haven’t done; but just you wait.
  • greenie, chromakode, and intortus, the Euphoria crew, for giving me this wonderful space to do terrible things with.
  • Last but not least: Cat Manning. You know what you did (and continue to do).