I am Bruno Dias, a game developer and writer working in games since 2015. As a narrative designer, my work focuses on procedural text generation and systems design for narrative-heavy games. As a writer, I have worked in fantasy, science fiction, horror, and comedy. I have also written about video games as a columnist; past bylines include VICE and Giant Bomb. I have also written a substantial ammount of noncommercial interactive fiction.

After years of freelancing, in 2020 I joined Failbetter Games as a senior narrative designer/writer, working primarily on Fallen London and an as-yet unannounced project.


  • Fallen London

    Failbetter Games, 2010

    Writer/Narrative Designer – 2020-Present

    Equal parts horrific, fantastic, and comical, Fallen London is a layered, story-driven textual RPG that continues to expand and thrive over ten years after its original release.

  • Epic Night

    Eko, 2019

    Narrative Designer – 2019

    An interactive TV series about a graduation party gone terribly wrong/right. Eko brought me on as a narrative designer for this project, and a couple of others that are under NDA.

  • Pathologic 2

    Ice-Pick Lodge, 2019

    Localization Writer – 2018-2019

    A return to the strange, grim world of a 2005 cult classic. Helping give the English localization the same level of poetic depth as the original Russian has been one of my favorite projects.

  • Neo Cab

    Chance Agency, 2019

    Writer, narrative designer – 2017-2019

    A neon-drenched vision of labor and human relations in a future taken over by the gig economy; an emotional survival game.

  • Where the Water Tastes like Wine

    Dim Bulb Games, 2018

    Writer – 2017

    I wrote about 30 folk tales for this anthological story-game, alongside over 20 other writers exploring the thematic (and physical) vastness of America. Nominated for Excellence in Narrative at the IGF awards.

  • Voyageur

    Bruno Dias in partnership with Failbetter Games, 2017

    Designer, developer, writer – 2016-2018

    Voyageur is my take on the space exploration sim game, a narrative-driven story generator about following the trail of humanity's diaspora across the galaxy and meeting the societies that emerged from it.